between you and me, i don't know.

Catherine. Age 16. Has a passion for music & is romantic to such an extent that it is only ever to her detriment. Likes to reinvent herself by writing novels she never finishes with interesting heroines. Oh and songs with messages she could never say without a melody. Sherlock Lover, Austen lover, Nerdfighter, Whovian, Swiftie. Catherine would like to say you are looking particularly lovely today. Oh and thanks for popping in!


things i am excited for:

  • the fault in our stars movie

things i am dreading:

  • the fault in our stars movie

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Okay? Nope.

Faction Mottos

  • Dauntless: yolo
  • Amity: ily
  • Candor: tbh
  • Erudite: fyi
  • Abnegation: wbu


i never really liked

my name


until i found out

what it tastes like

when you write it in frosting

on top of a cake

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